Cable / Connector Types

All serial cables – D9, D15, Hi-desity D15, D25, D37, RS232, RS 422

Mains Power – UK/EU/Electrak,Figure 8, Cloverleaf, Permaplug, IEC, UPS

Co-axial – RG58/RG59/RG62/RG174/Satellite/Microwave/BNC/TNC/SMB

Multipole – JST/Microfit/MINIfit/Molex/Harwin/ Wago

Circular – Din/ Mini Din/ Military/ Hirose/ Lemo/ Hosiden


USB – Standard 2.0/3.0/Mini / Micro/ Type A B C – Thunderbolt

HDMI – Standard Micro Mini – Extended distance

Displayport – Standard Mini Micro

Terminals – Fastons/ Insulated Terminals/ Bootlace Ferrules/ Terminal Blocks/ Rings

DC plug and Jack – 1.3mm/ 2.1mm/ 2.5mm plus other sizes

Modular Connectors – RJ11/ RJ12/ RJ45 8 and 10 way/Cat 5e/ Cat 6/ BT

Audio Connectors – XLR 3 and 5 pole/ Speakon/ Phono/ Toslink

Audio Jack Plugs – 2.5mm/ 3.5mm/ 6.35mm (aka Guitar Jack)

Ribbon Cables – standard pitch and MDR Mini Delta Ribbon

Fibre Optic – LC/ SC/ST/ MTRJ/ OM1/ OM2/OM3/ OM4 preterms ruggedized made to order

Cables with resistors and diodes 

Wurth – Kycon – Amp – Tyco